#Divest Nashville Supports Clean EnergySolutions

Nashville has experienced amazing growth and expansion in recent years. Our energy future has not kept pace with that growth. But with your help we can begin to transform our city into a city of the future.

A list of the top 40 banks and financial institutions that fund fossil fuel development is available on our Personal Divestment page.

Fidelity Investments is one of many mainstream investment groups now offering fossil free portfolios.

Aspiration Bank, in partnership with Sierra Club, offers fossil free guarantees to depositors and investors.

Green America has provided a wealth of information on the many alternatives available for sustainable re-investment, including asset management firms, financial planners, mutual funds, retirement investment options and exchange-trade funds.


#DivestNashville supports aligning public and private investments, endowments, grants, hedgefunds, mutual funds, stocks and bonds, retirement packages, contracts and sponsorships, pension funds and 401Ks to advance the goals of the clean energy transformation.

#DivestNashville seeks to provide support and information to individuals, businesses  and organizations wanting to join the global divestment movement.

#Divest Nashville supports the seven pillars of re-investment as outlined in the 350.org Divestment Strategy Document: "Make A Clean Break"

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Energy Efficiency

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Storage & Distribution


Sustainable Agriculture


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#DivestNashville Supports Transforming Nashville Into "The Greenest City In The Southeast"


#DivestNashville supports a Nashville Metro policy that aligns all public investment with the goal of making Nashville the "Greenest City In The Southeast". This means a commitment to withdraw public money from banks and financial institutions that fund fossil fuel development going forward. This means protecting city workers and pension fund holders from the financial liability of having their retirements caught up in a commodity that is increasingly subsidized by federal taxpayers.

Metro Davidson City Councillors acted in good faith to pass legislation in 2015 (BL2015-1210) to require industrial polluters to construct only on industrially-zoned land and also requiring those industries to contain the toxic emissions within the property. The fossil fuel interests threatened by this lobbied TN State Legislators to pass house bill 1405 in 2017 which stripped TN communities of any local control over air quality via zoning laws under the Clean Air Act, effectively undermining Metro Nashville legislation defending communities impacted by the pollutants.

At the federal level, as of November 2017 the United States is the only country in the world to dismiss the Paris Climate talks and withdraw from any commitment to tackle climate change. Federal lands and our entire coastal areas once protected are now being leased out to fossil fuel interests for exploration and extraction.

Such corruption of public policy leaves Americans and the City of Nashville little choice but to push back through a coordinated divestment of fossil fuels without delay.


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#DivestNashville Supports Our Most Vulnerable Communities

#DivestNashville joins the national and global divestment movement in support of our communities that are most vulnerable to environmental pollution. Healthier public investment leads to healthier human outcomes. The transformation of our energy systems will bring the jobs of the future and an energy policy that benefits and empowers everyday people.

The township of Joelton(Davidson County) faces a 60,000 horsepower compressor station (one of the largest in the US)and construction has begun on Whites Creek Pike just north of Interstate 24. For the latest visit the CCSE website by clicking on this link. The emissions will impact the air quality of hundreds of thousands of people in Middle Tennessee.

The pipelines operated by the company in question can be viewed here:

2015 Field Study of Gas Pipeline Safety In Tennessee

The township of Cane Ridge(Davidson County) faces a 40, 000 horsepower compressor station and construction is underway in a densely populated part of our community. These emissions from this compressor station will also impact the air quality of  hundreds of thousands of Tennessee residents.




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#Divest Nashville seeks to mobilize our city to take action on our collective climate future by joining the growing movement to divest public and private monies from the financial institutions that support and enable fossil fuel interests to maintain their undemocratic, anti-free-market grip on energy policy. We do not make this request lightly. We believe the situation to be urgent and requires the participation of all forward-thinking organizations and individuals that wish to do their part in driving the clean energy transition. We request that all public and private monies within your sphere of influence, including investment strategies, infrastructure development etc be carefully divested from fossil fuels and re-invested in the many sustainable alternatives that will transform our communities into the communities of the future with clean local power and healthier outcomes. In taking this action, your organization will be joining a growing movement driving the transition from fossil fuels to the clean energy infrastructure that can potentially restore America's manufacturing power and provide thousands of good jobs establishing and maintaining and manufacturing the clean energy power grid of the future.

The transition to a clean energy infrastructure requires the leadership of your organization. Please join us to take action and become a leader in the movement for environmental justice. Our futures depend on ordinary people rising to meet the challenges we face as a civilization. #DivestNashville

Support The Campaign to #DivestNashville...

2018 is the year of local action. #DivestNashville has some ambitious goals that will require printed leaflets and promotional material, website creation, design and maintenance, event registrations, t-shirt printing etc. These things will cost money and we hope you can support our effort. Every dollar you contribute is tax deductible under our 401c3 and will be spent on achieving the goal of divestment in our city.

Beyond your contribution please like and follow our facebook page for updates. Sign up for the #DivestNashville Blog. And feel free to join us at one of our upcoming strategic planning meetings. Every voice matters.