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We are...

We are "The IT City". We are "Music City".

We are your neighbors and your co-workers, we are academics, skilled workers, farmers, tradesmen/women, mechanics, artists, students, voters and taxpayers, business owners, parents and grandparents and we feel that good stewardship of the planet is vital and the natural world must be protected for future generations. We ask that you join us. You can start by signing our petition to Metro Nashville City Council calling for commitments to divesting Nashville from fossil fuels without delay.

Local Interstate Pipeline Infrastructure

The interstate pipeline infrastructure in Tennessee is in visibly poor condition. These companies receive vast sums in federal taxpayer subsidies for maintenance and there really is no excuse for what has been revealed in our creeks and ravines.  Our community deserves better.

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Regulatory Failure

Regulatory agencies at all levels of government have failed to protect the public interest in Tennessee. USDOT pipeline inspectors failed to issue any disciplinary action for obvious problems during March 2016 inspections. TDOT and the TN Air Pollution Control Board abdicated on any responsibility to protect Tennesseans from compressor station emissions and deteriorating pipeline infrastructure. Our communities deserve better.

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Corruption of Public Policy

In an effort to neutralize Tennessee communities by stripping them of any local control over air quality, fossil fuel lobbyists have exerted influence over our Tennessee State legislators that runs against the public interest. In May 2017 house bill 1405 passed, undermining Metro Council ordinances protecting Middle TN communities.

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Please Join Us!

Every voice matters and your voice is essential in this movement and in this historic moment. Please sign the petition, divest your finances and re-invest in a clean energy future.


Next Step, personal divestment!!

Now that you know the basics, let's talk about personal divestment!