Since 1993

#Divest Nashville seeks to mobilize our city to take action on our collective climate future by joining the growing movement to divest public and private monies from the financial institutions that support and enable fossil fuel interests to maintain their undemocratic, anti-free-market grip on energy policy. We do not make this request lightly. We believe the situation to be urgent and requires the participation of all forward-thinking organizations and individuals that wish to do their part in driving the clean energy transition. We request that all public and private monies within your sphere of influence, including investment strategies, infrastructure development etc be carefully divested from fossil fuels and re-invested in the many sustainable alternatives that will transform our communities into the communities of the future with clean local power and healthier outcomes. In taking this action, your organization will be joining a growing movement driving the transition from fossil fuels to the clean energy infrastructure that can potentially restore America's manufacturing power and provide thousands of good jobs establishing and maintaining and manufacturing the clean energy power grid of the future.

The transition to a clean energy infrastructure requires the leadership of your organization. Please join us to take action and become a leader in the movement for environmental justice. Our futures depend on ordinary people rising to meet the challenges we face as a civilization. #DivestNashville