Solar Industry Targeted by New Tariffs on Imports

For those watching the seemingly endless rollback of environmental protections and clean energy investment incentives, the recent announcement by the Trump administration to slap a 30% tariff on imported solar equipment comes as no surprise.

It is yet another example of the continued Oil & Gas monopoly over US Energy Policy, disguised as protectionism. Anti-free-market manipulations like this tariff will hurt the clean energy sector in the US and ultimately leave us far behind our global competitors in this field.

Just as prices for solar installations are dropping and coming within reach to average US households, the attack on net-metering at the state-level and the imposition of 30% tariffs on solar imports at the federal level represent the life and death struggle of the US Oil & Gas cartel in the age of clean energy. While every other country on the planet moves towards renewables, the US seeks to preserve a fossil fuel monopoly over energy consumption.

The good news is that solar is becoming cheaper every day and the more fees and penalties that fossil-fuel utilities impose on energy consumers, both conventional and renewable, the more mobilized consumers become and the more driven to become energy independent. Tilting the rules in favor of fossil fuels is a particularly insidious form of corruption and will not hold under scrutiny. Over time, this unethical business model will drive consumers into the arms of the clean energy revolution.

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