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Divesting portfolios from fossil fuels and the banks and financial institutions that fund them is a responsible course for any institution in the current political/technological climate. When one considers the $20.5B/annual taxpayer subsidies the industry receives ,it is not difficult to build a case for divestment and re-investment based on economic liability in addition to the more common concerns related to climate change etc. The extraordinary measures fossil fuel lobbyists have taken at the Federal and State level to tilt the rules in favor of big polluters and deregulation has led to serious consequences for some states. The attack on net-metering, the program whereby solar and wind generators are credited for the excess power they generate is happening across the nation in an effort to preserve fossil fuels and their market share.

Economic security of investments is a very real concern as the growing federal taxpayer burden of rebuilding Puerto Rico, Houston, New Orleans and the other cities whose risk of climate change-related disaster continue to mount. At some point, shareholders in these industries face serious market exposure, and 401Ks, pension funds, mutual funds etc caught up in fossil fuel investments may stagnate while clean energy growth continues to expand. Forward-thinking investors are beginning to look beyond the fossil fuel industry, and city governments and businesses are beginning to take action.

On January 10th 2018 New York City Mayor Bill DiBlasio announced the the city government of New York will divest $189 Billion in city worker pension funds from fossil fuels over the next 5 years.

The Mayor of Seattle has taken up the divestment of the city's pension funds as an urgent cause.

Seattle has already divested from Wells Fargo over the Dakota Access pipeline debacle.

Los Angeles has begun to divest from Wells Fargo, a leading fossil fuel financer.

Update: LA has successfully divested from Well Fargo.