Exciting things are happening on campuses across the nation on climate-related questions. Some national groups are emerging, such as the Sunrise Movement , FossilFree and 350.org and many universities and colleges are either fully divested or are making scheduled commitments to achieving 100% renewable energy.

The article below from The Nation profiles the successful Harvard University effort to divest from fossil fuels. Click on it to read the full article.


How Harvard Divestment Was Won

Our first meeting in 2012 drew 10 people. In two years, over 70,000 people had signed on to our campaign.

By Chloe MaxminTwitter

June 7, 2017

Harvard Management Company executive Colin Butterfield recently took divestment activists by surprise when he announced that he would not invest in fossil fuels, including minerals, oil, and gas. “I clearly feel that we are stealing from the future generations,” he said. “When you go out there and invest in natural resources, and you start looking at what’s happening in the world of natural resources, it’s pretty scary.”


Syracuse University has reported 12% growth since they divested from fossil fuels several years ago. Click below for the whole story:


University of Massachusetts has divested:. Click below to read more:

John Hopkins has divested:


UC Davis has divested:

NYU moving towards divestment:

University of Hawaii has divested:

University of Dayton has divested:

Barnard College has divested:

Tufts University students and faculty have taken action:

MEDFORD, MA - APRIL 22: Students and alumni at Tufts University protest near the Tufts University presidents office in Medford, Mass. on April 22, 2015 and began a sit-in that they said will continue until the administration commits to fossil fuel divestment. The protest began just before 9 a.m. when 33 students and alumni entered President Anthony Monacos office in Ballou Hall, said Shana Gallagher, chair of the student group Tufts Climate Action. (Photo by David L. Ryan/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)

Swarthmore College students are taking action: